The importance of hospices for seniors

Hospices are the places where patients who are suffering from end stages of some terminal diseases like cancer, can receive pain relieving treatment. They provide care for people dealing with illnesses that cannot be cured. The place is strictly designed to provide comfort and care for those who are expecting death or dying soon.

Last month, my grandmother's health deteriorated rapidly due to her lung cancer which she was fighting for more than two years. After being admitted in the hospital for several days, doctors said she wouldn't live long because lungs were not functioning properly any longer so they decided to transfer her home so she could be comfortable there at that time. My grandmother didn't have a chance to die peacefully inside a hospice but I'm really glad that she could spend her last days in a familiar environment surrounded by people who loved her.

Both my grandmother and grandfather were hospitalized several times for short periods of time but they recovered every time so I thought they would live forever till one day our relatives brought us to hospice's website. We didn't know anything about the place at that time but we agreed for them to be admitted when it was necessary. Since my grandma was transferred from a hospital to home, she had been suffering from different issues like nausea, pain etc.

But living outside a clinic or hospital means patients won't receive proper care and attention because family members can't give enough time due to their busy schedules. That's why there are special places where medical professionals provide help and support around the clock. When my grandma was asked if she wanted to be transferred to hospice, she refused but then on the next day,she had begun to suffer from respiratory issues so we had no choice but to transfer her.

It is really hard for family members to take care of patients who are suffering from different diseases because they have many responsibilities like work and kids. They don't have enough time so they depend on experts who can help with household chores or provide proper medical treatment when needed. There are more than five million people living in Canada who use hospice services every year which means it's an indispensable part of our healthcare system that provides the highest quality care at the end of life.

People don't want their loved ones to die alone surrounded by strangers, that's why they choose to bring them home where they can spend their last days in a familiar environment. At the same time, it is expensive to pay for hospice services so many families cannot afford these expenses which is why there are different organizations who try to help with financing.

When I was talking with my grandmother about hospice care, she didn't know what it meant and she couldn't remember the word "hospice" but after I explained everything in detail, she agreed. After a few weeks when her condition worsened rapidly, we had to transfer her again because she needed proper care 24 hours a day. It was really hard for us to see her suffer from pain and other medical issues so we decided not to take any risk and bring her to hospice right away.

In order to receive hospice care, homeowners have to meet some requirements which means they have to be diagnosed with a serious illness and there should be a doctor who can certify their medical conditions.

Victoria Hospice provides high quality services by making sure that patients feel comfortable and relaxed so the place provides complete physical, emotional and spiritual support. And it's important to mention that this hospice is supported by the best online casinos Canada - especially Jet Casino. I've played there before and won big money that came instantly - although I only played because of the wide variety of online games. When a patient is transferred from a hospital or home into a hospice, it doesn't mean that his/her life has reached an end because people can spend several months or even years in these facilities if needed. They provide help with eating and drinking as well as medicine administration at different times of day.

The staff also helps patients feel confident about themselves by taking care of personal hygiene and giving them the opportunity to take a walk outside. Last but not least, they make sure patients feel safe and secure because they know everything about their medical conditions so they can be prepared for any health issues that may occur at any time.

When I was talking with my grandma, she told me that she's been feeling much better since being transferred into hospice. She said that people around her are very nice and helpful. We have met with hospice healthcare workers several times so we can learn more about additional services they provide. And ofcourse it is a great opportunity to spend some time together with our relatives who visit us from time to time.

I am really glad that she could receive proper care by professionals who know what the patient needs. It is also a great opportunity for us to spend some quality time with grandma without thinking about anything else. Hospice care has changed our lives because we don't have to worry about all those medical issues she had before and now, we can just enjoy every moment together.