Grief and the Holidays

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After someone dies, you may find that your grief surfaces again and again. Often this seems to happen "out of the blue" and it may feel like an unwelcome intrusion. You may be enjoying yourself one moment and then be in tears the next. You may also notice that certain days or events – like Christmas and the holiday season – can cause your grief to increase or return.

That’s why, for many people, December is the most difficult time of the year. Memories of past celebrations with family members or friends who are no longer here can magnify feelings of loss, and you may want to avoid reminders of celebration and togetherness.

If you experience this kind of grief that returns or increases – even years after your loved one died – understand that it is common and a normal aspect of the grieving process. Grief has a timing of its own, sometimes appearing – or disappearing – when we least expect it. This ebb and flow of feelings is very natural and is a sign of healthy coping.

Tips for coping:

And perhaps most importantly, remember that you can always do things differently next year.

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